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October 18, 2018
What the Heck is a Millwright?
Oct 23, 2007

 In the early days of North America millwrights designed and constructed the mills where flour and grist was ground by water power.  Water was directed over hand-constructed wooden mill wheels to turn big wooden gears and generate power.  Millwrights executed every type of engineering operation in the construction of these mills.  Shortly after the Brotherhood was established in the 1880's, millwrights were admitted to the Brotherhood membership.


If you like to work with machine tools and precision instruments, and have a keen eye for the perfect fit, you might consider being a millwright.  Millwrights sometime work to specifications requiring tolerances to a thousandth of an inch.  In the old days, before heavy metal machinery, millwrights carved our gears and shafts from wood for mills and small industrial plants.  Today millwrights are an elite group of construction workers who work primarily in metal and with machinery and equipment requiring precision.





Oct 23, 2007

Millwrights install conveyor systems, escalators, giant turbines and generators.  Millwrights install and do maintenance on machinery in factories and do much of the precision work in nuclear power plants.  Millwrights are skilled construction mechanics who study and interpret blueprints, and then put their knowledge and expertise to work drilling, welding, bolting and doing whatever else is necessary to assure that the cogs of industry are in perfect working order.


Millwrights work with a variety of hand and portable power tools, and frequently cut, join and fasten metal construction materials usuing welding equipment and oxy-acetylene torches.


The term "Millwright" shall mean the unloading, hoisting, rigging, skidding, moving, dismantling, aligning, erecting, assembling, repairing, maintenance and adjusting of all machinery and equipment installed either in building, factories, structures, processing areas either under cover, underground, or elsewhere, required to process material, handle, manufacture or service; be it powered ore receiving power manually by steam, gas, electric, gasoline, diesel, nuclear, solar, water, air, or chemically, and in industries steel, coffee, rotating plants, paper and pulp, cellophane, stone crushign, gravel and  sand washing and handling, refineries, grain storage and handling, asphalt plants, sewage disposals, water plants, laundries, bakeries, mixing plants, can bottle and bag packing plants, textile mills, paint mills, breweries, milk processing plants, power plants, aluminum processing or manufacturing plants, amusement and entertainment fields, installation of mechanical equipment in atomic energy plants, installation of banbury machines and related equipment in rocket missile bases, launchers, floating bases, hydraulic escape doors and any and all component parts hereto either assembled, semi-assembled or disassembled.


That's what a Millwright does!!!!! 

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